Story of Sri Hari Hara Peetham


Sri - A form of God, the almightyHari - A reference to Lord VishnuHara - A reference to Lord ShivaWealth is achievement of all the aspects related to God and is achieved by the word “Sri”. That means the spiritual needs of human beings can be accomplished by thoughts of “Sri Sakti” – Sakti Upasana.

Every living organism yearns to achieve nirvana and relief from the worldly pleasures. If one wishes to achieve nirvana then they need to always think of “Hari” (Lord Vishnu). – Vishnu Upasana If a being is to achieve nirvana, it needs to first achieve enlightenment that is the reason why Sri Adi Sankara Charya mentioned as “Gnanaa Deva Hitaivalyam”. If we need to achieve enlightenment we will need to rid ourselves of all the sins from our minds and bodies. If we need to rid ourselves of our sins and achieve enlightenment we will need to always think of “Hara” (Rudra). – Rudra Upasana

If you think of it the above 3 Upsanas are path to nirvana. A human being has 3 kinds of needs that need to be fulfilled and that is the reason they incarnate as a human beings.

- The needs while they are alive

- The needs when they are in heaven

- The needs in all the lokas

In fact Hari and Hara are not two but a single divine entity. That is the reason enlightened rishis said “Sivaya Vishnu Roopaya| Siva Roopaya Vishnuve| Sivasya Hrudayam Vishnuhu| Vishnooscha Hrudayam Sivayaha|”.First of all we need to understand that Hari and Hara are the same. After we have confirmed that both Hari and Hara are the same, we will need to accept the fact that the incarnation of “Sri” is an integral part of the Hari and Hara. This is fact of the Sri Hara Hara and that is the reason for the birth of “Sri Hari Hara Peetham”. Sri Hari Hara Peetham by perform acts of piety will help in the realization of needs of the earth, the heavens and nirvana. We’d request that you participate in the activities of this Peetham and attain your goals.

Board of Members


President - Sudhakar Peram

Vice President - Chandu Kaja

Treasurer - Venkatesh Kumar Boggarapu

Vice Treasrer - Somasekhar Madhudi Basavarajaiah

Secretary - Vijay Basavaraju

Seva Committee

(Decoration, Event, Food and Pooja)


Temple Priest


Vedic Priest - Sri Subramanyam Rallabandi

Phone: 510-456-8529


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